Marciana Marina  port
+lat+: 42.808 +lon+: 10.1989

Marciana Marina  port

Plunge into the life and history of the Island of Elba

Marciana Marina is a few miles west of Portoferraio. It’s an attractive town with colourful squares and old lanes, and its numerous shops and restaurants make it lively and picturesque. Its pebble beaches have all the necessary facilities for those venturing onto terra firma. There are tiny shops selling locally made foods, arts and crafts and clothing along the promenade and in the old town. The promenade also offers a lovely walk that leads from Cotone (the old natural harbour) to the Torre Saracena, built in the 12th century by the Pisan people as a defence against pirates. Fans of trekking will find plenty of routes to explore the surrounding area: the various paths that set off from Marciana Marina lead through the woods to the peak of Monte Capanne (1019 metres), which offers panoramic views of the whole island and Tuscan archipelago. From April to October a cable car offers a less strenuous ride up Monte Capanne.

Marciana Marina Harbour

The harbour at Marciana Marina is sheltered from the northerly winds thanks to a long, artificial breakwater. The harbour contains two private marinas: on the breakwater side, il Porto di Marciana Marina and on the town side, several floating docks managed by the Circolo della vela yacht club. Both will respond to VHF channel 09. Boats can drop anchor in the bay and reach the town by tender.