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Sailing holidays in Alicudi in Aeolian Islands

is the second smallest (5.1 km) and westernmost of the Aeolian Islands, lies just about 8 miles W of Filicudi. Very tiny and peaceful island with about 140 inhabitants. The coast is steep and at the NE end of the island and near to a tip of the W side is overwhelmed by boulders and rocks very close to shore. Great place for sailors searching secluded and isolated place, away from the modern day life. Just remember to come with the full tank of water and good stock of food and drinks as there are just couple of shops, post office, one hotel with restaurant and one separate restaurant serving delicious fresh sea food, there are no ATM’s or banks. There are no proper roads, no cars or any motor transport on the island, only vehicles are mules. Most of the houses are clustered around the port area and connected by centuries-old stone pathways.

Moorings and ancorages in Alicudi in Aeolian Islands